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24 May 2019

The forecast was "scattered showers" after a few days of rain. When we saw shadows on the brick patio we jumped at the chance to get a little Vitamin D sunshine. We took a chair and soaked in the warm radiation. When we looked up, we saw clouds dancing in the sky, sailing quickly to the east in a breeze we couldn't feel.

Who looks up? Hardly anybody. And nobody with a camera. But there we were, looking up. Without a camera.

So we jostled ourselves into the bunker to retrieve the Nikon D300 with an 18-200mm Nikkor and polarizer. Then we sat back down and looked up.

We thought we'd shoot some sequences to build an animated GIF but we quickly became more engaged in the compositions, dodging between the utility wires to get a good look at the beautiful white puffs of vapor swirling between us and the sun.

The View. We had to peek between the utility wires to frame our shots.

They were mesmerizing.

So we thought we'd play with them a bit, enhancing the contrast, darkening the sky, adding a bit of drama to replace what's lost when movement isn't captured.

What's left is a view of the world without earthly distractions, white forms morphing in the wind against a blue backdrop.

A moment of meditation perhaps.

And a rare chance for clarity here as we await the summer fog that obscures everything.

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