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28 May 2019

Well, we just gave away the punch line. But it won't hurt to tell the story anyway. There's always more going on than it at first (or at last) appears.

Monica's Florist Van. iPhone 6 Plus processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

"The doctor will be right in," the very polite nurse said as she stepped away to slip through the door. Not our doctor. We were just there as an international observer or, as the French say, chauffeur.

So we had some time to kill, the phrase "right in" being a euphemism.

The blinds on the window were down but not quite all the way. Looking through the slit of window that remained, we noticed the patchwork on the tile roof of the flats on Broderick across from the exam room.

There's always more going on than it at first (or at last) appears.

Not expertly done, we thought. Just patched with concrete. Not even colored concrete. As if legions of suffering people at the medical office building would not notice.

As you might imagine, it didn't take long to exhaust that subject.

So we got out of our chair and wandered over to the window as if we were invading the stage at War Memorial Opera House just as the curtain was about to go up. You know, we stood right where the doctor would be standing.

We peeked under the blinds and saw the street below. There was just that graffiti-painted van parked on it. And we thought that would make a picture. So we slipped out our iPhone 6 Plus (fully paid for by now) and lined up the shot.

If anything would make the doctor knock on the door, that would.

In all the action that followed (MRI, blood tests, results, ER appointment), we forgot about our shot of the van. But Google Photos automatically uploaded it for us. And our next upload to Kwilt (currently in review) also copied it, reminding us we had something to chew on.

But it was a day or three later when we walked down Geary to the medical office building again after parking the car, that we saw the other side of the van. It said, like the awning on the street corner, "Monica's Florist."

So the van is the florist's van. Ha.

Monica's Florist is next door to the medical office building but just a block away from the hospital. Not a bad location.

We made a mental bookmark in case we need to chauffeur a few flowers somewhere some day. Not soon, we hope.

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