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1 June 2019

We've just archived Volume 8, Number 5 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 17 Features, 25 commented News stories, 28 Editor's Notes (which included 183 items of interest), two reviews and one site note for a total of 73 stories.

Also of note, we published 35 stories illustrated with 148 images and three stories with gear specifications. And no obituaries for once.

OUR TOP STORIES were led by our news story on Adobe's PhotoWalk Sweepstakes followed by two Horn columns (May 2 and May 11) and our review of Ansel Adams, the Grand Canyon and the Southwest. Rounding out the top five was our matinee about the charming Nina Fuller.

As always, a nice mix of various types of coverage.

READERSHIP numbers are never quite complete when we sit down to write this piece every month. We're glad to report that they will be complete in a day or two because our reports are no longer skipping whole days.

As it stands so far with a day's stats outstanding, we've exceed last month's Unique Sites and may set the bar higher than it's been since September of last year. Our Pages Served again continue to climb over the months with a missing day, again to levels we haven't seen since September 2018.

There are, however, some tasks we just had avoided automating. And uploading files to the server is one of them.

That happens strictly by word of mouth. Yours, in short. We don't advertise or make much noise on the Internet. We're too busy here. So thank you for telling your friends about us.

Your friends however may not thank you, it occurs to us. There is a shocking number of things to absorb on Photo Corners. Today we're publishing our 204th matinee, for example. And the slide shows are about 285 strong now.

As we close our May edition, the site includes 5,260 articles. Not files, but stories. The Mike's Method search tool on the Find button reports that total whenever you do a full-text, non-indexed search (which takes about 1:37 now).

WHILE MUCH OF THAT production is automated using tools like Perl and Keyboard Maestro in a very simple-to-use but powerful content management system of our invention, there are still some tasks we enjoy doing manually.

Building the archive is one of those. As we've mentioned before, it gives us a chance to reflect on what we're up to here. We certainly enjoy the work (it's a balm to our other duties and engagements, frankly) but there's no little obligation to make sure it matters to you too.

There are, however, some tasks we just had avoided automating. And uploading files to the server is one of them.

We've been dragging and dropping files manually from Finder to Interarchy since 2012. And once in a while, we miss. Which can be embarrassing, particularly when updating a story with a correction.

Then, too, it would be nice if an automated upload could be scheduled so we don't have to go to bed late or get up early to publish a story.

Interarchy, our FTP application, is scriptable but it's 32-bit in an increasingly 64-bit world, so we spent some time this week building Keyboard Maestro macros that encapsulate a Perl script running curl to upload files and directories and refresh our indices and feeds.

It's foolproof, although the resident fool still has plenty to do around here. We can only imagine what he has planned for June. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we will.

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