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5 June 2019

Sigma has announced its June lineup of Lens Workshops that cover a variety of subjects from macro photography to astrophotography. Workshops include:

  • Astrophotography Workshop
  • Dance Photography Workshop
  • Landscape Photography Class and Photo Walk
  • Lecture Series with Roman Kurywczak
  • Urban Photography Workshop
  • Wildlife Photography Workshop
  • Wildlife Photography Workshop: Bighorn Sheep

For more information, including details for each workshop, see the news release below or visit the Sigma event calendar.

Sigma Celebrates Summer with an Exciting Workshop Lineup in June

Sigma Dealer Workshops hosted at dealer locations nationwide will cover wildlife, portrait, landscape and astrophotography

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. -- Sigma Corp. of America has announced its Dealer Workshop lineup for the month of June, featuring engaging opportunities for photographers of all skill sets to gain experience in various genres including wildlife, portraiture, landscape and astrophotography:

Urban Photography Workshop: Rockbrook Camera

Where: Omaha, NE
When: June 6

Hosted by Rockbrook Camera and led by Sigma technical representative, Brian Matsumoto, the action-filled day will begin with a lecture on Urban Photography and will be followed by a photo walk to capture urban images across downtown Omaha and the Durham Museum.

Wildlife Photography Workshop: Sigma Demo Day: Nashville Zoo

Where: Nashville, TN
When: June 7

Sigma and Dury's will host an interactive demo and wildlife photography experience at the Nashville Zoo. Attendees will learn some of the best tips and tricks to make the most out of their shots around the Nashville Zoo.

Urban Photography Workshop: Kenmore Camera

Where: Kenmore, WA
When: June 8

Hosted by Kenmore Camera and led by Sigma technical representative, Aaron Norberg, the workshop will offer a visual course covering the fundamentals of photographing the urban landscape.

Landscape Photography Class & Photo Walk: Pro Photo Supply

Where: Portland, OR
When: June 14-15

On June 14, Pro Photo Supply will host Sigma technical representative, Aaron Norberg for an in-store demo of Sigma's lens lineup. On June 15, Aaron will lead a workshop Oxbow Regional Park on the fundamentals of photographing the natural landscape. Attendees will learn how to choose the best lenses and camera settings to capture the scene as they see it.

Wildlife Photography Workshop: Bighorn Sheep: B&C Camera

Where: Boulder City, NV
When: June 15

B&C Camera will host an interactive photography workshop where attendees will photograph bighorn sheep in Hemenway Park. Post-shoot, Sigma technical representative Mike Hill will walk attendees through how to edit the images in Adobe Lightroom.

Urban Photography Workshop: Norman Camera

Where: Kalamazoo, MI
When: June 21

Norman Camera and Sigma technical representative, Brian Matsumoto will host a Sigma lens demo & urban photography workshop followed by a photo walk.

Urban Photography Workshop: Grand Rapids

Where: Grand Rapids, MI
When: June 22

Norman Camera and Sigma technical representative, Brian Matsumoto will host a Sigma lens demo & urban photography workshop followed by a photo walk in Grand Rapids at the ArtPrize Art Festival.

Lecture Series with Roman Kurywczak: Photo Connection

Where: Colchester, CT
When: June 22-23

Photo Connection will host a two-day demo and lecture series led by Sigma Pro Roman Kurywczak and sales representative Michael Deutsch on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23. Topics include "Photographing the Nighttime Landscape" and "Macro photography at Wickham Park."

Dance Photography Workshop: Pixel Connection

Where: Avon, OH
When: June 26

Join The Pixel Connection, Sam Young Studios and Liz Cooper from LC Images- Distinct Fine Art Dance Photography for an exciting evening with three classically trained professional ballerinas. Pixel Connection representatives will coach attendees on photographing the ballerinas throughout the downtown city streets.

Astrophotography Workshop: Roberts Camera

Where: Indianapolis, IN
When: June 29

Roberts Camera will host a two-part astrophotography workshop with in-depth instruction from pro photographers Marc Lebryk and Walt Kuhn.

Full details for each of Sigma's June workshops can be found on the Sigma event calendar.

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