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18 July 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Apple Store boardrooms, Jay Maisel, JP and Mike Andrews, Garuda Indonesia, a portfolio review, microphones, the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner, Web site mistakes and Florence Merriam Bailey.

  • In Manmade Patterns and Uncanny Shadows Photographed From Above, Kate Sierzputowski highlights to work of JP and Mike Andrews who "capture natural and manmade scenes across the world, stumbling upon unique patterns that can only be discerned from above."
  • Kate Lamb reports Garuda Indonesia Bans In-Flight Photos After Being Mocked for Handwritten Menu. "Indonesia's national airline has come under fire for banning the taking of in-flight images after a popular video blogger posted a photo online showing a handwritten menu he was handed in business class," she writes. The policy was subsequently rescinded after public backlash. "People can still take pictures [on board our flights] for their own use as long as they don’t disturb the other passengers," Garuda's corporate secretary Ikhsan Rosan said.
  • Jennifer McClure shares some Tough Lessons From a Portfolio Review and how she's improved her approach since then. "Now when I sit down with reviewers, I quickly introduce myself and what I'm about to show them," she writes. "I let them know what I'd like from the review, whether it's feedback or an exhibition or a publication opportunity."
  • Kirk Tuck goes with Wired Shotgun Microphones after talking to an audio engineer about capturing three voices in a big room.
  • Hillary Grigonis reviews the $40 cardboard Kodak Mobile Film Scanner. "It is easy to use and inexpensive, making it ideal for those one-time projects or to quickly upload an old photo to embarrass your sibling, but I wouldn't recommend it for people still actively shooting film," she concludes.
  • In 11 Web Site Mistakes No Photographer Should Ever Make, Federico Alegria continues his series on running your own photography site.
  • The New York Times has published an "overlooked no more" obit for Florence Merriam Bailey who died in 1948. She was an early advocate of watching birds rather than shooting them. "When going to watch birds, proceed to some good birdy place -- the bushy bank of a stream or an old juniper pasture -- and sit down in the undergrowth or against a concealing tree-trunk, with your back to the dun, to look and listen in silence," she advised. Still good advice. But bring a camera.

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