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1 August 2019

We've just archived the 80 stories we published in Volume 8 Number 7 of Photo Corners on the Archive page. In July, we produced 17 Features, 34 commented News stories, 27 Editor's Notes (which included 200 items of interest), one review and one site note.

Including in that production were 41 stories with 178 images, which at least gives you something to look at. And for those with this particular itch to scratch, there were 11 stories with gear specification tables.

News stories were a surprising 42 percent of the output. Surprising because this is the middle of the summer when eyes are diverted (if not averted).

READERSHIP with the usual incomplete data shows that summer really was upon us, with most metrics down from last month's record highs between five and ten percent but still beating counts back to last year. Interestingly, we observed a new high in visits.

We won't pretend to understand what all that means. Perhaps nothing more than that we have a loyal following that doesn't show up in the new age metrics of Twitter (despite our feed) and Instagram (where we don't roam) followers.

Eighty stories a month is 2.6 stories a day, not too much to swallow. But that's not enough to cover the industry.

SO WHAT were readers reading last month?

Our story on the Leica V-Lux 5 came in first, followed by our story on the Sony Video Kit and the Smith Fund Finalists. A Horn followed that and then the Women Foto Project followed by the Judice matinee. These were all tightly packed together.

Story counts are seriously skewed by when in the month the story was published. The most recently published stories, for example, always come in at the end of the list. Until next month.

EIGHTY STORIES a month is 2.6 stories a day, not too much to swallow. But that's not enough to cover the industry. You heard that from us.

So what do we do about that?

One thing we do is curate a list of stories each morning (our time) to save you the trouble of unproductive clicking. If you kept up with us, you were informed of a total of 254 stories this month. Of those, 52 (almost two a day) we thought worth your serious attention and all the others worth noting.

That strategy is unusual in this industry. Anything from a firmware update to a new product release is thrown at you to see what sticks. But from Day One here, we've had your interests at heart.


We also make an effort to practice the art and write about our experience. That includes both shooting and editing. And it involves what we were thinking as we shot and edited.

That goes way beyond hardware specifications to what we like to think is the heart of the matter. Why we -- or any of us -- do this thing called photography.

We each have our reasons, of course, but without appreciating the gratifications the craft provides we wouldn't indulge them for long. They'd just be rationalizations and we'd get bored with them after a while. A very short while.

But we persist because, in a world with fewer and fewer compensations, photography continues to delight us.

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