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6 August 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Tadas Kazakevicius, Terry O'Neill, tropical skies, Zadar, Santorini, an animated GIF, Backblaze hard drive stats, LG DVD writer, copyright infringement request and Kara Swisher.

  • "In Tadas Kazakevicius Captures a Site of Baltic Mythology, Rosie Flanagan presents evocative images of the Curonian Spit from Between Two Shores by the Lithuanian photographer. "The Curonian Spit is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; its base was formed by a glacial moraine during the third millennium and its topography later shaped by ocean currents and shifting sand," she notes.
  • Thomas Hobbs talks to Terry O'Neill about His Best Bowie Shoots. "I treated David like a Shakespearean actor as you never knew who was going to show up," O'Neill, now 81, remembers. "He could look alien-like or female-like; it was always so exciting as everything he did was so unpredictable."
  • Ming Thein presents Tropical Skies, a set of images "evocative of palm trees, sea breezes, long drinks and days of doing not very much." Note the placement of the horizon, if nothing else.
  • In Giving Up the Battle for Peak Sunset, Sebastian Modak finds "a little risk-taking and some luck can go a long way in separating yourself from the herd" as he visit Zadar on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia and returns with some gorgeous photos.
  • In The Bride, the Groom and the Greek Sunset: A Perfect Wedding Picture, Jason Horowitz discovers the Greek island Santorini is a thing for Chinese engagements. A thing more important than the ring, in fact. Greek wedding photographers have leaped on the trend but many couples bring their own photographer with them. ~"And for couples unable to afford the real thing, there are photo studios in Shanghai with Santorini sets," he adds.
  • Kendall Plant shows you How to Make an Animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop. We can never remember, frankly, so we rolled our own utility Gifone.
  • Andy Klein reports Backblaze Hard Drive Stats Q2 2019. The report covers "the Q2 2019 and lifetime hard drive failure rates of the data drive models currently in operation in our data centers," he writes.
  • If you're looking for a CD/DVD writer, Ric Ford recommends the $22.33 LG Super Multi Ultra Slim Portable DVD Rewriter external drive. Among its features are M-Disc support for the one-thousand-year archival media not based on plant dyes that run about $3 per 4.7-GB DVD disc.
  • Carolyn Wright reports ASMP Seeking Information About Copyright Infringement by States/State Entities. "This brief is for a case that will be heard in front of the U.S. Supreme Court this fall," ASMP says in requesting any examples of these infringements you may have.
  • Tech journalist Kara Swisher suggests you Trust No One Online. After bashing Cloudflare chief executive Matthew Prince for taking so long to block 9chan ("Enough was enough a very, very long time ago," she writes), she cites Apple's new credit card, which she's been testing, as a glimmer of hope. "Most important, the card has a privacy architecture that does not give Apple any information about where, when and what you bought," she points out. "Not trading on my data? Hey, Facebook, Amazon, Google, are you listening?"

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