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12 August 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Caleb Stein, Kathy Ryan, Paddy Summerfield, the Fujifim 100-400mm, environmental framing, the attic, the Voigtlander 75mm, camera ransomeware and the Sony RX0 Mark II.

  • Down by the Hudson features Caleb Stein's images celebrating "summer, the community and a place that had captured his heart."
  • Mo Mfinanga interviews Kathy Ryan at length. Ryan, whose Office Romanance project we featured in a Saturday matinee, is the director of photography for The New York Times Magazine.
  • Kathryn Bromwich tells the story of how Paddy Summerfield came upon A Suited Man on Brighton Beach. "He looked like a character from a Magritte painting," he tells her.
  • Mike Johnston was Stepping Outside With the Fujifim 100-400mm this weekend. "I felt like a trained volleyball player who is suddenly asked to play badminton," he writes.
  • In Frame Your Shot, Derrick Story points out, "Working with structures to create frames takes that contrasty light and actually makes it interesting." Especially when you're sitting around waiting for a train.
  • In Finding the Attic, Harold Davis sneaks up to the attic armed only with an iPhone and Nikon D850 to capture a dormer window worthy of a Stephen King novel.
  • Ashwin Rao reviews the Voigtlander 75mm f1.5 Asph. M-Mount Lens. "Improved build quality and impressive image quality has brought me back to consider Voigtlander lenses for specialty purposes such as portraiture," he writes.
  • Eyal Itkin demonstrates Ransomware-Ing a dSLR Camera but the approach might apply to any WiFi device whose firmware update process includes a discreet file, not just dSLRs. Although Canon EOS cameras whose firmware can be modified by the open source Magic Lantern alternate firmware, seem to be a special case.
  • Ming Thein reviews The 2019 Sony RX0 Mark II as a still camera. "Actually, I think the biggest limitation of the RX0II is not its size, physical controls, sensor or menu; it's its shooting envelope," he writes, comparing it to the iPhone XS Max.

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