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16 August 2019

Some time ago we were thinking about what an online image editing tool would look like. We thought it might be instructive to use one here so you could play around with our edits for yourself.


The big problem with that idea is that, while such tools exist, they're limited to manipulating JPEG images. And JPEG images don't have much range to play with.

Recently we have been developing a Keyboard Maestro macro we call Napkin that allows some image editing implemented in JavaScript.

Napkin is, as the name suggests, a small tool to save doodles and text as the spirit moves you. You can toss an image on it and scribble over it or shift its hues or turn it into a duotone.

So we thought we'd migrate that software to this page as a test with this particular image. Here's a few usage tips:

  • Help: Just hover over the various fields for an explanation.
  • Amount: The strength of filters with a bullet after their name can be adjusted using the Amount slider.
  • Defaults: Set the Amount slider to 0 for a default value. It will bounce right back to the default.

The image is of a rooftop with a view of San Francisco Bay. We find that a nice metaphor for what we're up to here. Which is just to see what a few JavaScript tools would look like in Photo Corners.

We've optimized the code for several filters, notable the Hue Shifts, Luminance, and Contrast. And we've updated the slider position and changed ranges on the fly as well.

Let us know what you think after playing around with it.

Last code update: 9:55 p.m. on Aug 29.

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