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22 August 2019

The Luminous Landscape's Josh Reichmann has announced his father's Luminous Endowment has "closed its operations completely" and "passed the baton into the prestigious, progressive and outstanding hands of Photolucida."

Photolucida will award three $1,000 grants to photographers for "the development of a current project" as the Michael Reichmann Project Grant.


Reichmann noted, "With my father's passing the endowment (despite some valient efforts by some) was unable to rally the energy, consistency of members or means necessary to stay afloat."

In the announcement, Reichmann also reported that Michael Reichmann -- a 20 Year Photography Retrospective, the 400-page collection of 380 images taken by his father, have been rescued from imminent destruction. "I am happy to announce that all remaining books have been purchased from the endowment by my family and all proceeds forwarded to Photolucida by the shuttered endowment."

Reichmann added that the Luminous Landscape will soon be offering the remaining books for sale with proceeds funding the newly established Michael Reichmann Project Grant at Photolucida.

Details on how to buy the book will be forthcoming, he added.


Reichmann said the Michael Reichmann Project Grant has been created under the auspices of Photolucida's Critical Mass 2019 Awards. The new award is described on the Photolucida site with the following details:

Three photographers will be selected from the Top 200 Finalists to each receive $1,000 cash to go toward the development of a current project. This award is brand new and made possible by a generous endowment gifted to Photolucida by the Luminous Endowment for Photographers -- an organization created by the late Michael Reichmann in 2007 to foster current and anticipated photography projects. Photolucida is excited to continue Michael's legacy by providing this opportunity to emerging photographers!

"My father, Michael Reichmann had a few final wishes," Reichmann wrote. "One was to establish a lasting organization which would help empower deserving photographers with opportunities to manifest their dreams."

In Photolucida's new Michael Reichmann Project Grant, that wish may have found the lasting organization it deserves.

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