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6 September 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at NASA's public library, the Bahamas after Dorian, a forested soccer stadium, a black & white webinar, Canon's New 24-240mm lens, Amazon, Fujifilm GF lens quality control, San Francisco and landslop photography.

  • In A Visual Exploration of the Wondrous Universe, Stephanie Wade curates images from NASA's public library. "The images highlight the different surfaces, colors and textures of planets with rich detail, reminding us of our immensely small existence within the context of a vast and ever-expanding universe," she writes.
  • Now that the Bahamas can be reached again, Alan Taylor present 29 photos of The Wreckage Left by Hurricane Dorian. "Roads and airports are washed out, neighborhoods are smashed and flooded and thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed," he writes.
  • The Austrian Football Stadium With a Forest on the Pitch was inspired by a pencil drawing by Max Peintner. But Klaus Littmann has made it a reality in the Karawankenblick Stadium from Sept. 8 to Oct. 27. And the Guardian has assembled a selection of images of the venue for those of us who can't get there.
  • If you missed Harold Davis's hour-long free webinar on Creative Black & White Opportunities, here's the YouTube version:
  • Scott Kelby lists six reasons to explain Why I Bought Canon's New 24-240mm Lens. The wide end was more important than the telephoto range, he writes, because you can crop telephoto but you can't expand the wide end.
  • Kirk Tuck has A Strange Shopping Adventure in his pursuit of a second Pentax K-1 body. Amazon's peculiar fulfillment service was behind it all.
  • In Fujifilm GF Lens Quality Control = Unacceptable, Lloyd Chambers is at a loss for printable words to describe his anger at the company for shipping him defecting optics just as he's about to drive into the wilderness.
  • Jonathan Blaustein visits Pier 24 and bemoans The Decline of San Francisco. Not unrelated experiences, he points out. The sky is not falling here, however. And the problems that shocked him on his short visit are not unique to San Francisco, either. We found Vivian Ho's America's Lost Street Kids: The Scapegoating of Troubled Youths insightful. The crisis has been decades in the making, she points out. Since Reagan was governor, we would say.
  • In Landslop Photography <Strangled Noise>, Andrew Molitor takes on the industry of "interchangeable eye-searing landscapes" galleried in scenic spots. Oddly, though, his complaint isn't simply that they are baked to a recipe but that "the wilderness simply does not look that way most of the time." Ansel Adams, under whose flag these descendents fly, would have nodded, "You're getting there." But then he was up to something else.

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