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21 September 2019

We received some alarming news from our Internet Service Provider this morning. "If your current usage trends continue, we estimate that your over-quota usage will result in a charge of $54.45 at the end of the month," its email said.

We haven't had one of these since Jan. 2, 2017. We had tripled our bandwidth quota in 2016.

We've always had bandwidth quota protection enabled but that means if we exceed our quota, all traffic is blocked.

To prevent going dark at the end of the month, we considered blocking the highest users (typically one indexing bot or another run amock) or only permitting subscribers access (which isn't fair to those who support us with their purchases).

So this morning we blocked two minor bots that had a lot of activity. We'll monitor the situation the rest of the month but we have no plans to curtail our own activity.

In fact, we have a few juicy stories to post in the next week.

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