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2 October 2019

The archeologist in us hates to throw anything out. We've sat him down and had a chat about his behavior, but he can't help it. He thinks everything is "history."

We tried compromising with him by letting him store stuff in one or another directory on our local version of the site. As if one day we might recover it for display in some museum exhibit. The subject of which escapes us.

But we had to admit that when our recent bandwidth battle occasioned us to remove about 270 thumbnails from the main page, we felt his pain.

We think it's a nice way to explore the site, frankly.

As we said in our archive story yesterday, we thought about creating a page like the slide show index to highlight those stories.

And that's just what we did.

We call it Highlights and have put a link to it in our right side Jump navigation slide out menu. All of them.

We think it's another nice way to explore the site, frankly. You know, if you're new to Photo Corners.

It shares some code with the Archive and Slide Show pages but it's really quite different. The thumbnails aren't all photographs. Some are illustrations. Which makes it an interesting mix. And you can jump around from one year to the next easily.

It doesn't include any stories still on the main headline page. But since the main headline page has the last two months on it, our highlights page may seem a little behind.

But as Time is the test of the value of one's work, that too seems appropriate. Just ask our archeologist.

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