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8 October 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Michael Zuhorski, the Sony A7R IV, urbanscapes, interactive panos, a Thom Q&A, Lau Norgaard and the online reality warp.

  • Stephanie Wade presents a selection of images by Michael Zuhorski from his series Eyes Make The Horizon. "I photographed the effects of water on the peninsula and the wetlands, rivers and lakes," he says, "and I became fixated upon the idea of water as a body -- dynamic and distinct from its surroundings, yet completely tied into them."
  • In A Studio Photographer's Review of the Sony A7R IV, Zach Sutton writes, "Confidently, I can say that the Sony a7R IV is the best full-frame camera on the market today."
  • Robin Wong tries his hand at Appreciating Urbanscapes and Structures. "The thing about photography is, we sometimes need to open our eyes and appreciate the beauty around us -- regardless of the form it takes," he writes.
  • Dave Williams discovers the trick to persuading Facebook his Nikon Z 6 image should be an Interactive Pano. Just tell Facebook it was made by an iPhone.
  • In The Latest Ask Thom Q&A, Thom Hogan talks about a 1000mm focal length, a 60-Mp sensor and storage card evolution.
  • Bear Images Photo will host Phase One chief visionary officer Lau Norgaard, for a four-day workshop presentation of the XT Camera System in San Francisco from Oct. 23 to 26. Attend one or all four.
  • In Online, No One Knows You're Poor, Shauna James Ahern writes, "Very few people write about the choices they make out of fear of going bankrupt, like selling expensive camera lenses that feel less important than rent." A popular food blogger she took a job at a super market to make ends meet and discovered the disparity between the online world and reality.

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