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4 November 2019

Hoya has announced its Starscape filter designed for night photography. The new filter "reduces light pollution generated by artificial lights common in cities," the company said.

"The Hoya Starscape cuts light transmission in the area of the spectrum that is usually associated with light pollution from sodium and mercury-vapor lights common to most cities world-wide," Hoya said.

"Thus, the filter provides a more clear image with natural colors and improved contrast in the night sky."

Comparison. Night sky without the filter (l) and with the filter.

The low-profile frame is helpful with both wide and super-wide angle lenses, Hoya noted. Along with improved contrast, the filter delivers natural color without a shift thanks to its special glass formula.


Highlights of the filter include:

  • Reduces yellowish and greenish color cast from artificial city lights
  • Natural color reproduction and improved contrast overall
  • Compatible with wide and super-wide-angle lenses
  • Low profile frame


Specifications for the Starscape include:

Type Light pollution cut filter for astrophotography
Sizes 49mm, 42mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
Neutral Density 1.5 filter factor
F-stops Loss of 0.5 f-stop
Frame Aluminum


Hoya did not announced either when the filter would be available or what it will cost.

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