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Friday Slide Show: Scenes From a Crafts Fair Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

22 November 2019

Last weekend one of the pavilions at Fort Mason hosted a crafts fair. Well, actually, it wasn't a crafts fair so much as "a curated marketplace of makers, designers, doers and dreamers." That's what Renegade Craft calls it and who are we to disagree.

It looked like a lot of street fairs in one building, all lined up in three rows minus the musicians at the street corners. And it was just as crowded as a street fair, too.

The light in the pavilions at Fort Mason is just wonderful. It's not only diffused sunlight (like the Conservatory) but the artificial light is balanced for sunlight. You just have to watch out for where the shadows fall.

Caught between event photography and product photography we didn't do a good job of either.

So we took out the camera and valiantly snapped away, although we couldn't get close to some things and the light on others was too dark and a few booths were so empty (the price, Hilda, the price!) that we didn't want to intrude on their solitude.

Caught between event photography and product photography we didn't do a good job of either.

But when we sat down to look over the images last night, we liked what we saw enough times that we found a slide show in them.

There's even a pretty funny one of a sour puss at the side of the Be You Collection at Lit Soul Candles. "Remember, it's beautiful to be you!" the company suggests.

We were drawn to the more colorful booths. Pottery, backpacks, socks. And there are a few more bland booths in there too.

Just a sampler.

Renegade puts on these free fairs in several cities, including Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Boston, Detroit and Miami.

Keep an eye out for one. We're sure you can do better than we did.

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