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Friday Slide Show: Drains & Debris Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

29 November 2019

It's hard to get out for our daily hike when the winter storms in. So we jumped at a break in the weather early Wednesday after the first storm of the season.

Along the way, we were distracted by the drains on the street that had caught an unusual amount of debris after the rain. Clogged drains lead to flooding and with fall leaves on the ground, the drains were easily clogged.

It turns out debris collected around drains makes a compelling subject both for color and composition. So on the way back, we took out the Micro Four Thirds camera in the pocket of our jacket and lined up a few shots for an impromptu photo project on drains.

We found it particularly challenging to get the right angle for each shot and contorted ourselves accordingly. No one honked at us, though.

There was some (if not a lot of) variety in the subject, too. Debris collected not just at drains but around curbed tires. Some of which had already driven off.

And the streets were still wet between the lingering showers, adding a sheen to the images we mistook for polish. There was briefly some sunlight but otherwise we shot in light mostly diffused by another shower moving in.

We got back to the bunker just as it started to rain again, having stolen a little slide show when Mother Nature wasn't looking.

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