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11 December 2019

Both DxO and Olloclip are offering significant discounts on excellent products at the moment. Here are the details:

  • DxO PhotoLab 3.1 Upgrade is 30 percent off until Dec. 16. We recently reviewed the new HSL tool, awarding it all four photo corners for its innovative approach to both color replacement and monochrome enhancement.
  • Olloclip MacroPro Pack for smartphones, regularly $199, is $99. The kit includes a Phone specific clip, Macro 10X Start, Macro 7/14X Essential, Fisheye + 15X Macro, Macro 21X SuperFine Pro, Pivot Video Grip, ultralight tripod, BSR Bluetooth shutter release, microfiber bag and custom travel case.

More to come, as we find them.

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