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Crab Season Opens After Whales Migrate Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

16 December 2019

The whales have at last moved out of the area on their way to warmer waters. That means the crab season can open. We've only had fresh Dungeness crab from Oregon the last few weeks. At $20 a pound.

Crab Boats. Each dot on the ocean is a boatful of crab.

You can't see the lights on the crab boats in this thumbnail but they're there. It was a comforting sight last night.

And the market today had the first catch -- at half the price of the Oregon crab. Which is still a bit pricey. We can remember when crab was around $6 a pound.

That was when we developed an appetite for it. One two pound crab and some spaghetti with pestù plus a round of sourdough bread and you have an inexpensive but elegant feast for two.

It's just one of winter's consolations here.

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