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Pier 24 Faces Eviction Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

18 December 2019

The Port of San Francisco has given the private Pilara Family Foundation run by Andy Pilara, which operates Pier 24, 30 days to vacate its space below the Bay Bridge. Pier 24 houses the permanent collection of the Foundation, which is dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting photography.

The Port increased the rent on the 27,300-square-foot space to $48,321, roughly $18,000 more than it had been previously paying but comparable to other tenants, including the Exploratorium.

While disputing the increase, Pier 24 has run up $1.33 million in arrears and late fees, according to the Port. The original lease expired in 2017.

"After two years of good-faith negotiations, the Pilara Family Foundation has essentially stopped paying rent and have not agreed to pay fair market rent going forward," Port spokesman Randy Quezada said in a recent interview. "We have to exercise our right to end this lease."

Pilara counters that Pier 24 has continued to pay rent at the original rate as it negotiated the rent increase with the Port. That rate was credited $4,000 a month on $11 million in renovation costs paid by the Foundation to repair the warehouse, which had been vacant for three decades before opening as Pier 24 in 2010.

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