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Leica Camera Debuts Leica M10-P White Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

19 December 2019

Leica has announced its flagship rangefinder, the Leica M10-P, has been recast in a new special edition with an all-white aesthetic. The Leica M10-P White comes with a unique silver chrome version of the Summilux-M 50mm f1.4 ASPH. lens, featuring white engravings on its barrel to match the camera.


The new M10-P features a white paint finish on its top deck and bottom plate, which is color matched to the genuine leather white covering. But don't worry. The albino Leica still features the red Leica logo on the camera and a red alignment dot on the lens, creating a striking contrast.

The silver control elements of the camera body are complemented with white engravings to match the special version of the lens it is packaged with. The set is completed with a white genuine leather carrying strap featuring Leica embossing and a white leather case for the lens.

The M10-P is prized for its mechanical perfection, combining a quiet shutter with modern-day innovations and classic handling.


The Leica M10-P White is limited to 350 sets worldwide and is available exclusively at Leica stores and boutiques for $14,495 starting today.

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