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24 December 2019

Christmas on a Wednesday is challenging. It makes for a hectic Christmas Eve in the city with a shortage of parking places and shopping carts (real ones) and cashiers and everything but holiday spirit. We know because we ventured out to shop for Christmas dinner today.

You have to approach it like the adventure it is. It's not going to be efficient. And there will be plenty of obstacles and challenges and injustices even. But you'll manage. Just be nice about it, dodging adroitly and patiently getting where you have to go.

Now that we're home and the food is in the frig, we can put on our slippers and start tracking Santa as we do every year. He's heading for Amsterdam in the The Netherlands as we write this. And has already delivered over 3.6 billion gifts.

Which suggests there are still a lot of good people in the world these days.

It's a tough job. Impossible, some say. But some say "impossible" about a lot things. We say where there's a will there's a route over the North Pole that can circumnavigate the world in 24 hours. Easy. With frequent breaks for cookies and milk, not to mention carrots for the reindeer.

And NORAD, it would appear, agrees. No need to sleep on it. But if you must, be prepared to be surprised in the morning.

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