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7 January 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Cooper Island, the Acropolis, Joan Shelley, Bosque del Apache, a travel kit, Abdul Saboor, iPhone photo apps, Type 1 fonts and cultural heritage.

  • In New Global Warming Documentary: Cooper Island, Joe McNally returns to the northern tip of Alaska to recreate an image from 2001. Except instead of standing on a sheet of ice, his friend George is now knee deep in the ocean. McNally has posted a 14:39 documentary of the experience:
  • It's tough to be a tourist, as The Tribes of the Acropolis proves. Tod Papageorge shot these black-and-white images in the hot summers of 1983 and 1984. Anything not marble wilted.
  • In On the Road With Joan Shelley, Jacob Blickenstaff continues his On the Road series with the singer-songwriter in Brooklyn.
  • Harvey Stearn discusses Photographing Wildlife in Bosque del Apache in New Mexico. "Words and even photographs can't fully capture the experience of a beautiful natural environment full of living creatures and the air alive with their sounds of exuberance," he writes. But he's going to try video on his next trip.
  • Dave Williams shares his Minimalist Travel Kit and it is indeed minimal. Just a camera, two lenses, a strap, an Airhed with a Playpod Ultra and an iPhone.
  • Photographer Abdul Saboor is featured in the NewsHour's piece on the Agency of Artists in Exile by Jeffrey Brown. "I'm from Afghanistan, but, sometimes, I say from nowhere," Saboor tells him. "His photographs became a bridge to overcome language and other barriers and raise awareness about the plight of refugees, which he continues to do in Paris," Brown notes.
  • Kate Wesson rewrites her 10 Best Photo Apps for Incredible iPhone Photography for 2020.
  • Photoshop to End Support for PostScript Type 1 Fonts, Adobe has announced. Type 1, the original Adobe Postscript type format, has been superceded by OpenType's "significant typographic advantages," the company notes. Unless, of course, you own Type 1 fonts. Creative Cloud membership, however, does include thousands of OpenType fonts.
  • In Getty Stands Against Threats to Cultural Heritage, James Cuno explains threats against cultural heritage sites are a threat to civilization. That this has to be publicly affirmed in a time when an impeached U.S. president makes precisely such threats reminds us how important it is to stand guard over the values we cherish and the civilization in which we flourish.

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