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1 February 2020

We've just archived Volume 9 Number 1 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 18 Features, 29 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 192 items of interest), one review and one site note for a total of 75 stories.

Volume 9. We could hardly imagine that when we launched Photo Corners in 2012. But back to the more recent past.

Of last month's total production, 34 stories included 152 total images and 11 stories included gear specifications tables. We also published our first obituary of the year.

Our unique sites total is an all time high, besting last month's high by 135 percent, a significant jump.

We report these stats because it isn't always obvious that, along with a hefty dose of news coverage, we also deliver a large portfolio of photographic images. Not just logos and banners but photos. Not just our own, but our own too (warts and all).

And just to put our overall January production of 75 stories in perspective, we published 64 stories in January 2019, 73 in 2018, 84 in 2017, 61 in 2016, 60 in 2015, 49 in 2014 and 37 in 2013.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORIES, apart from some high-ranking Around The Horn pieces, were the Hacalaki matinee, followed by our Grandfather clock slide show and news items about the Wacom One and Nikon D780.

That's a nice mix of what we do in just the top five. And it's reflected as we go down the list, with slide shows, news, features and matinees all scoring about the same.

READERSHIP levels surprised us again. Since we recalibrated Google's avaricious indexing of the site, we've seen readership actually rise significantly three months in a row.

Our unique sites total is an all time high, besting last month's high by 135 percent, a significant jump. Site visits also increased, in this case by 105 percent. And stories served increased 145 percent.

We still think of Photo Corners as a well-kept secret between the two of us, though.

WE'VE PUSHED January's headlines onto the new 2020 headline index page a month earlier than usual just to get that index on all our index pages while we're still young. But it probably won't become a habit.

Otherwise you can expect more of the same around here.

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