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10 February 2020

Even since Caffe Puccini burned down, we've been anchorless in North Beach. We used to frequent Caffe Italia on Vallejo but that closed sometime in the last century.

Double Espresso. All you really need.

We liked watching the passing parade at Caffe Puccini, where we could get an inexpensive bite to eat with a glass of wine. But since the fire, we've had to make do with a double espresso at Caffe Trieste, the well-known spot on Grant and Vallejo famous for its patrons.

So the other day, when some friends suggested stopping for a coffee in North Beach, we suggested Caffe Trieste. And there we found ourselves.

You go to the bar to order and grab a table after you're served.

When the four of us showed up, the place wasn't packed but it was nicely populated with people who hadn't moved in hours, perhaps weeks.

"Where you from?" one of the fixtures asked nicely.

We were half from here and half not. Which seemed to amuse him.

But before he could pursue his line of inquiry, he was distracted by a woman who bounced in speaking Italian to him and the gent seated next to him (who had been waiting for a slice of pizza to fortify himself for the afternoon's siesta).

Can't blame him. Fortunately, the coffee was all we really needed to enjoy the place.

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