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12 February 2020

Our apologies for the delay in publishing the three Olympus announcements today. They'll be up shortly after this apology. First things first, after all.

Dawoud Bey. Holding court at SFMOMA today.

A combination of events has delayed publication. The first was an inexplicable lapse by the public relations firm handling the Olympus account. They simply neglected to send us any information.

Our affiliates, however, did send the news and we promptly followed up with the PR firm, which confirmed our contact had left the company, presumably without providing for us. That was promptly rectified.

But by then we were dashing to SFMOMA to a press event for the upcoming Dawound Bey exhibit An American Project.

And as we said above, first things first. Or as we say in Italy, "Pazienza." Which translates more to "hang in there" than it's near English equivalent.

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