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Friday Slide Show: A February Farmers' Market Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

28 February 2020

On Sundays Fort Mason hosts a Farmers' Market, one of several throughout the city that day and Sunday isn't the only day there's a Farmers' Market in town. We appreciate farm fresh quality around here.

But you don't have to be a chef to appreciate good produce. It's enough to be a photographer.

The displays in the booth themselves are not generally informed by the theatrical arts, shall we say. But that's what makes shooting a Farmers' Market a challenge.

Somewhere in those piles of carrots and radishes and pears and nuts are geometrical compositions and flowing curves that would make Georgia O'Keeffe blush. You just have look, compose your shot, fire the shutter and be on your way.

You might think February is not the ideal month for shooting vegetables but we've been having a warm, dry winter and the produce was abundant. We didn't lack for subjects even if they were not optimally displayed.

But it's the challenge we enjoy. Looking for an appetizing subject. Deciding how to frame it. Waiting for the crowd to clear. Firing away.

And it isn't just the produce. The people and the infrastructure of the event (like the crates behind the tables) can be just as challenging -- and rewarding. Or, at least, amusing.

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