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9 March 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at 500 women photojournalists, men through women's eyes, Eric Gross, the Platyball, lens flare, women at Adobe, laptop battery life and

  • Yunghi Kim's Trailblazers of Light lists 500 pioneering women photojournalists of the film era. "The attributes that photojournalism require, the incredible mental and physical strength necessary to navigate fast-moving, often dangerous situations, the warrior-like determination and fortitude, the relentless commitment, intelligence and artistry behind the camera, is readily manifest in the work of the women on this list," Kim writes.
  • The Men Through Women's Eyes project is a collaboration between the Italian fashion house Zegna, Leica and four women photographers: Queenie Cheen, Roselena Ramistella, Hélène Pambrun and Veronique de Viguerie.
  • In Lake Waves Appear Frozen in Time Amidst the Rocky Mountains, Grace Ebert highlights the deep focus, fast shutter speed landscapes of Eric Gross. "Composing images from ground level revealed that the dark ice waves exhibit psychedelic reflections of the surrounding mountainous landscape," Gross says.
  • Just a few days before the Kickstarter campaign ends, Scott Kelby provides My Field Report on the Platyball:
  • Rob Wood describes How to Reduce Lens Flare, our favorite being "Use Your Hand." But really, getting that front element into the shade is the trick and often a light pole or tree branch beats your hand.
  • Katie Juran details the company's commitment to "to advance the representation and experience of our women around the world" in Each for Equal: Driving Progress for Women at Adobe.
  • In Laptop Battery Life Estimates Are Rarely Accurate, Kimberly Gedeon details how the estimates vary by brand with Apple and Microsoft ratings the most accurate.
  • is celebrating its first anniversary with 30 new titles coming this month. We gave the $7/month ($70/year) streaming video service representing a consortium of eight indie film distributors a try this weekend and were impressed by 1) the offerings, 2) the trouble-free performance of the iOS app and 3) the seamless integration with Google Chromecast. And we finally got to watch Jay Myself, the 2019 profile of Jay Maisel.

More to come! Meanwhile, please support our efforts...

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