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Phase One Announces Development of Three XT Lenses Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

11 March 2020

Phase One has announced the development of three Rodenstock HR Digaron lenses for its XT system, all of which are scheduled to ship this year.

The three new optics include:

  • A 50mm f4 available for pre-order April 6
  • A 90mm f5.6 available for pre-order in August, shipping in September
  • A telephoto of unspecified focal length available by year end

For more information see the XT Lens Range PDF and the announcement below.

New Phase One XT Lenses

Phase One has released a roadmap for three new XT lenses to be released in 2020.

All three lenses will be Rodenstock HR Digaron optics integrated into X-Shutters, offering full functionality with the XT IQ4 system.

The first lens to be released is the 50mm f4, available for pre-order starting April 6.

The next lens will be the 90mm f5.6, to be released in September, with pre-orders available in August and finally a telephoto lens TBA, to be released at the end of the year. While we don't know exactly what the telephoto lens will be, we know that it will be longer than 100mm in focal length.

In the meantime, don't forget that DT has adapters for your Hasselblad V, Phase One/Mamiya M and even Canon EF lenses, so you can expand your range of lenses before the new native lenses arrive!

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