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16 March 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Justin Mott, Nick Brandt, Ming Thein, neutral density filters, the Olympus 12-45mm, Scott Kelby, fake SLRs and two gear deals.

  • In Kindred Guardians, Justin Mott discusses his latest project documenting the very unique bonds between humans and the animals they protect. "I want people to celebrate the tenderness, bravery and dedication of the caretakers and guardians," he says. "I hope people have sympathy for these beautiful animals and their plight."
  • Miss Rosen highlights Nick Brandt's Devastating Portrait of Africa on the Brink of a Perilous New World. "Over the years of time spent in East Africa, I've driven through countless areas where just ten years ago there was animal life, but now has been relentlessly wiped out -- sliced up and reduced to bush meat, leaving vast expanses of land devoid of any large mammals," he says.
  • In Portman, Ming Thein presents his images of San Francisco's Hyatt Regency hotel. "You almost expect to hear a klaxon and see the whole thing flash red at times," he writes. John Portman was the architect.
  • In Tapping Your Built-In ND Filter for Motion Images, Derrick Story shows exactly what a neutral density filter does.
  • Bryan Esler reviews the Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-45mm f4 Pro with side-by-side comparisons to the Olympus 12-40mm Pro. That's a 24-90mm range on the new and more compact option.
  • Scott Kelby continues The Journey About Your Photography with the second installment. This time you analyze the images you picked last week -- in writing. He lists some questions to answer about each image and gives example sets of answers to get you rolling.
  • Kosmo Foto tells the story of The Fake Nikons and Canons Made for Soviet Movies. In the piece, Russian author and photo historian Niken Vorozhitskiy share his photos from a recent visit to Mosfilm, the largest and oldest film production studio in Russia.
  • Canon is taking 10 percent off its refurbished products through March 28 while BorrowLenses is offering 50 percent off its used gear.

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