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Rocky Nook Publishes duChemin's 'The Heart of the Photograph' Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

19 March 2020

Rocky Nook has announced the publication of David duChemin's The Heart of the Photograph, subtitled "100 questions for making stronger more expressive photographs."

From the liner notes:

Photographers often look at an image -- one they've either already created or are in the process of making -- and ask themselves a simple question: "Is this a good photograph?" It's an understandable question, but it's really not very helpful. How are you supposed to answer that? What does "good" even mean? Is it the same for everyone?

What if you were equipped to ask better, more constructive questions of your work so that you could think more intentionally and creatively and in doing so, bring more specific action and vision to the act of creating photographs? What if asking stronger questions allowed you to establish a more effective approach to your image-making? In The Heart of the Photograph: 100 Questions for Making Stronger, More Expressive Photographs, photographer and author David duChemin helps you learn to ask better questions of your work in order to craft more successful photographs -- photographs that express and connect, photographs that are strong and, above all, photographs that are truly yours.

From the big-picture questions -- What do I want this image to accomplish? -- to the more detail-oriented questions that help you get there -- What is the light doing? Where do the lines lead? What can I do about it? -- David walks you through his thought process so that you can establish your own. Along the way, he discusses the building blocks from which compelling photographs are made, such as gesture, balance, scale, contrast, perspective, story, memory, symbolism and much more. The Heart of the Photograph is not a theoretical book. It is a practical and useful book that equips you to think more intentionally as a photographer and empowers you to ask more helpful questions of you and your work, so that you can produce images that are not only better than "good," but as powerful and authentic as you hope them to be.

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