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23 March 2020

We saw this dramatic statement on a walk the other day when the sun was shining. We had no idea what it was (other than a plant) but we knew we wouldn't learn anything more about it if we didn't take its picture. So we did.

Asparagaceae. Looks like asparagus.

One of our fool-proof amusements is looking out the window. And yesterday as we were having an early dinner, we amused ourselves just that way. The amusing part was seeing entire families taking a walk to 1) get out of the house and 2) get some fresh air and exercise.

The second part of that includes a lot of little scooters and bikes, we've noticed.

There's time these days to be patient.

But one family included a toddler whose older brother pushed the stroller for Mom while he stumbled around to explore the hedges and flowers along the sidewalk with Dad. Dad was very patient, keeping an eye on him as he walked up entryways to pick a leaf off a hedge or examine a strange bud staring back at him.

Meanwhile the stroller was getting further and further away.

But Dad didn't mind and he didn't pick up the toddler to catch up with them. There's time these days to be patient.

The little guy made it all the way down the hill on his own. We're not sure he caught up but there were fewer gardens to distract him on the next block.

If he keeps this up, we thought, one day he'll be in the same predicament we were when we saw this red stalk staring at us. Mesmerized but unable to identify the thing.

Fortunately we had our photo and Pl@ntNet where you can upload an image to do a search for the name of the plant. Ours came back Beschorneria yuccoides or Asparagaceae.

It does look like an asparagus, come to think of it. So we're going with that because when it comes to horticulture we're a toddler ourselves.

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