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25 March 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at balconies, imperfection, Toby Coulson, kids, compositing, freelancers and more resources.

  • Alan Taylor presents 27 images of Music and Encouragement From Balconies Around the World, including Spain, Iraq, the U.S., France, Italy, Lebanon, India, Germany and more.
  • In The Beauty of Imperfection, film photographer Joe Greer says the attraction to film by younger people is a consequence of the digital lifestyle. "Being a very fast paced individual all my life, very extroverted, very outgoing, analog photography was the best thing to happen to me -- personally and artistically," he says. "It slowed me down, made me stop and have a look."
  • Stephanie Wade explores The Peculiar and Beautiful Photography of Toby Coulson. "I am fascinated by the beauty and strangeness in the everyday," he says. "Nature, people and their influence on the landscape. To me the joy of photography is to wander with a camera, encountering unknown people and places ahead."
  • Strobist David Hobby continues his _Strobist Lighting Cookbook with Shoot the Kids. "Right. This one's pretty obvious," he says. "But the fact remains that you may never get a better opportunity to spend some quality time making nice portraits of your kids and/or family."
  • In Welcome to the Endless World of Photo Manipulation, Nemanja Sekulic reveals how he has fun with Photoshop assembling complex composite images.
  • In The Art of Freelance Addresses the COVID-19 World, Heidi Volpe talks to CEO Matheiu Young about the organization devoted to freelancers. "We've been trying to research and aggregate some info on FEMA/SBA loans, emergency grants, rent moratoriums and mortgage forbearance programs, etc., to share with the community," he says.
  • Ryan Hill lists some Photography and Videography Resources to Check Out During Social Isolation. And they aren't all the old familiar places, either.

More to come! Meanwhile, please support our efforts...

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