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2 April 2020

Blind, an online publication devoted to photographic culture, has invited photographers around the world to submit portfolios of their work, especially work covering the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Each photographer whose portfolio is published is paid €250 for work featured outside of a promotional framework. Additionally, their photos will be accompanied by a text written by Blind's editorial staff highlighting the artist's work.


Four conditions should be met to submit photographs to the Blind team:

  • It must be a recent portfolio (less than five years old)
  • Portfolios dealing with the current crisis will be given priority
  • It must be unpublished
  • The published portfolio must be composed of six to eight images

To have your work published in Blind magazine, email your portfolio to


Blind has already published the work of six photographers on its Web site:

"We admire work that can tell an original story and those that break from usual photographic practices," said Blind's editorial staff. "We are looking for confident observations, those that capture the poetry of a moment and capture a certain authenticity."

Gaétan Vernier: In the spring of 2019, the French photographer sailed up the coast of Norway from Bergen to beyond the Arctic Circle. He took a unique portrait series of the passengers and the places they visited.

Gaétan Vernier. From the series Peculiar Polar Cruise 2019.

Ingrid Dorner: With her EDIT series, the artist explores her past by playing with her grandmother's negatives and her own productions creating ghostly and dreamlike work that challenges identity and memory.

Ingrid Dorner. From the series EDIT.

Pauline Deschamps: With her film camera, the photographer captured the moods of different sports venues in New York. On basketball courts and in batting cages she chronicled a world parallel to the city where city dwellers can escape.

Pauline Deschamps. Sports venues in New York.

Sakina Douiou: With her 'Boys' series on film, the 17-year-old photographer reveals the wandering moods of two of her friends. Under the setting sun, in Marseille, late in the afternoon...

Sakina Douiou. From the series Boys.

Manolo Espaliu: With his project 'Viaje a Persia,' the Spanish photographer follows the steps of Garcia de Silva, one of the first European explorers to discover Iran in the 17th century. Fascinated by his writings, Manolo Espaliu attempts to rediscover the timeless landscapes described by the author in a vast photographic quest.

Manolo Espaliu. From the series Viaje a Persia.

Guillaume Hébert: Trained as a painter, Guillaume He[!]bert gradually turned to photography until he made it his principle medium. In his latest series 'Sceneries,' the artist has a unique approach: combining his photographs with the classical landscape painting.

Guillaume Hébert. From the Series Sceneries, 2018.


Blind is an online magazine that offers free daily articles on the latest news on photography. It is updated daily with new portfolios of young photographers, interviews with well-known personalities in the profession, technical advice and videos. The editorial team is made up of photography experts based in different cities (Paris, London, New York, Rio, Shanghai).

As part of its mission to support photographic creation in all its forms, the magazine pays for any artist portfolio published on its Web site presented outside a promotional framework. The magazine is financially supported by Meero.

Find Blind on Facebook (@Blindmagazine), Instagram (@yourenotblind) and Twitter (@magazineblind).

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