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3 April 2020

The first city you come across when you cross the Golden Gate Bridge traveling north is Sausalito. Hugging the bay, it's known for its ship building, artists, shops and restaurants.

We betook ourselves there in June 2005 to amuse a couple of tourists visiting us. We thought nothing could be more relaxing than a nice lunch at Scoma's on the bay. And we were not wrong.

Our first stop was Vista Point on the north end of the bridge. There we could look back leisurely at the city sparkling on its hills and admire the bronze statue of the Lone Sailor commemorating all who sailed through the Golden Gate in service to their country.

We thought nothing could be more relaxing than a nice lunch at Scoma's on the bay.

Parking is the trick in Sausalito and tickets are unavoidable if you don't play by the rules. Just a word of warning.

But lunch is wonderful.

Scoma's sits over the bay but Angelino's shady spot is a jewel and we can't neglect to mention The Spinnaker, The Trident and Poggio. No doubt, there are a few more spots worth visiting since we've been there. When once again we can, that is.

Two of us had steamed mussels and two had sandwiches. The ladies toured the shops while the two of us gents wandered through the yacht harbor before our guest bought a beautiful piece of scrimshaw.

These shots were taken with a Nikon 990, that swiveling wonder with a 3.2-megapixel sensor. We had to work them over pretty good in Lightroom, which rose to the challenge.

As did we when an Italian couple asked if we'd take their photo. And when we answered in Italian, they were delighted. When they asked where we were from, we told them (in Italian) we were born here and we all had a laugh.

Sausalito is like that.

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