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8 April 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Michael Durr, astrophotography, Donald Page, the Rough-Stuff Fellowship, Issei Suda, Ming Thein, Peak Design and a LensRentals discount.

  • Donald Page has been a sports photographer for 15 years "and I just finished up my first season as a staff photographer for the Tennessee Titans." He shares some images from a season that led to the AFC Championship game.
  • In The Premise Is Simple; The Tone Is Jolly, Francis Hodgson reviews The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive, a book full of photos about "a very distinctive (and almost caricaturally British) association of cyclists whose particular relish is to go where it's not really possible to bicycle at all." Cameras, of course, followed them everywhere. "The camera and the bike share many things in common, from their nineteenth century origins and mechanical consistency through the years, to the powerful democratizing effect they have both had," he writes.
  • In Issei Suda: 78 Unseen Photographs, Marigold Warner reviews the posthumous publication of Suda's photo book with images taken between 1971 and 1983. "Taken mostly in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures, the images epitomise the image-maker's unusual take on everyday life -- one of the defining elements of his approach to photography," she writes.
  • Ming Thein has published the first part of A Magic Hour, monochromatic images made with a Nikon Z 7 of the buildings around the Space Museum, Cultural Centre and Museum of Art in Hong Kong.
  • According to its home page, Peak Design is donating all its initial Travel Tripod profits for four days to "coronavirus relief and fighting climate change."
  • LensRentals is "keeping every employee employed" but they have nothing to do, Roger Cicala admits in Stuff You Can Do When You Ain't Got Nothing to Do. So you get a 20 percent discount on orders arriving by May 1 when you use the code 17SECS code at checkout. That's how long it will take the idle staff to fill your order, he writes. Oh, there are a few time-killing ideas to beat boredom in the piece, too.

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