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10 April 2020

Think Tank Photo has announced a 20 percent discount on everything in its online store through April 30. Both Think Tank Photo and MindShift Gear products are included in the deal.

"We hope you and your families are safe during this Covid-19 crisis. Everyone here at Think Tank is working from home but we're available to serve you personally," the announcement said. "Good health to you, stay safe indoors and wash your hands frequently!"

The offer also includes All U.S. retailers who sell Think Tank products. "Local camera shops are essential to us," the company noted, "and we all need to help support each other." Some retailers still offer online sales or curbside pick-up.

We've reviewed a number of Think Tank Photo products over the years. They always earn high marks for both design and construction.

In fact, we've covered Think Tank Photo products continually since launching Photo Corners. It was among the first companies to wish us luck, inviting us to join their affiliate program in 2012.

So your support of them also supports us.

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