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7 May 2020

When we take a break on Thursdays, we put on an old shirt, strap on the suspenders and stomp out into the back yard wearing rubber gloves to do some gardening. That's because Thursdays we put out the garbage so it's the perfect day to fill up the green bin.

Macro Mushroom. Captured with an Olympus E-PL1 and 14-42 II R with Lensbaby +10 and +4 macro converters at 19mm (38mm equivalent) and f8, 1/50 second and ISO 1600. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

There's a couple of hours of maintenance to do every week most of the year. So the time counts for our daily constitutional too. Two birds with one stone, as it were.

Otherwise the back yard enjoys a very low maintenance design. It was planted, for the most part, by birds. And the soil tilled by gophers. We whack back the grasses of various sorts and prune the drought-tolerant trees and bushes.

As we do, we can't help but think of our great grandfather who worked as a gardener at the Presidio Golf Club when Teddy Roosevelt was president. Roosevelt actually visited the golf course at that time but there's no family story about meeting him.

When our great grandfather became ill, his son had to step in at the golf course to keep his job for him. He didn't much care for that work, later becoming (like his older brother) a pharmacist and (unlike him) a scratch golfer and Lincoln golf course champ much prized on the Owl Drug company team.

His daughter, our mother who turns 93 later this month, took up tennis.

But we're back to gardening.

Amateur gardening, that is. In which you can take a minute to appreciate some new thing that decided to sprout up in your soil, like this mushroom we discovered a few days ago.

And when you discover it, run into the bunker for a camera and macro lens to take a glamorous portrait of nature ready for its closeup and in one of its better moods.

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