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Adobe Launches Lightroom Ambassador Program Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

15 May 2020

Adobe has launched a Lightroom Abassador Program to help users of its cataloging and image processing application tell their stories.

In a tweet, Pei Ketron, Lightroom marketing manager, wrote, "Happy to have finally launched this program that I spent much of 2019 working on."

On the Ambassador Program Web page, the ambassadors introduce themselves:

We are a circle of photographers on a mission to help you tell your stories. We want to share our passion and expertise with you, whether you are just starting your photography journey or are already well on your way. We are helping to build a community where photographers anywhere can inspire and learn from one another in their quest to make their photos match their vision.

The initial group of 10 ambassadors includes Aundre Larrow, Carmen Chan, Gloria Atanmo, Jennifer Chong, Johnie Gall, Mylo Fowler, Omar Robles, Paola Franqui, Summer Murdock and Tobi Shinobi.

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