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25 May 2020

The last Monday in May is set aside to honor those who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces, protecting us. Individual American flags are placed on each grave at military cemeteries and cemeteries with military sections.

Those who died in uniform protecting us this year include many who were not wearing military uniforms. They include the janitors, transit workers, mail carriers, grocery store clerks, nurses, doctors and others who daily risk exposure to Covid-19.

Meanwhile the flag has been flying at half mast to honor the approximately 100,000 who Covid-19 has taken from us so far.

So the usual picnics and parades are not being held as we continue to shelter in place.

But don't think of them as having been canceled.

No commemoration of the ultimate sacrifice is ever canceled. Nor postponed. It is merely expressed in a different way.

This year, we are expressing gratitude to all our fallen heroes with this image of a bugler in his Marine dress blues.

When we took this shot, he was standing at attention waiting for the gravesite service at the military section of the Catholic cemetery where our father is buried to conclude. He was some distance away, uphill from the gravesite.

When the service concluded, he played taps. Slowly, mournfully and respectfully.

He took no notice of us. Nor of the aggrieved. Nor of the geese gathering on the lawn.

He was there to accompany the soul of a fellow serviceman departing this world of worries. And that day, as today, we bowed our head until the last note sounded.

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