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29 May 2020

Things, as we like to call them, may not exactly be looking up these days but we ourselves decided to earlier this week. Up from the little smartphone screen reporting grim news throughout the day without a break, that is.

Instead, we looked up into the bright blue sky and around the garden bathed in sunshine. Not for just a minute, not for a short break. It was a holiday, so we put the umbrella out and parked under it a while to see what was going on around us in the garden for an hour.

Quite a lot as it happened.

When we hadn't been paying attention, the apple tree started growing tiny little apples. We ran around the thing counting them. It's the second year it's produced fruit.

It was a holiday, so we put the umbrella out and parked under it a while to see what was going on around us in the garden for an hour.

The lemon tree is in its 17th year. We harvest a few for Mom, who turned 93 on Saturday, when we visit her. And the neighbor helps herself to make lemon chicken and lemonade. We use the lemons in just about everything ourselves. There are plenty to go around.

People aren't the only thing the lemon tree attracts. Like the rosemary bush of the same vintage, it attracts honey bees and bumble bees. But it also attracts hummingbirds throughout the day. You'd think it was a Costco gas station.

It's a challenge to capture those quick little creatures but you'll see one in the slide show.

And that's not the only thing that was flying around. When we heard the air beating heavily, we looked up to see this vintage aircraft pass overhead, all four propellers spinning, with a couple of more recent helicopters following it. A Memorial Day flyover, apparently.

Which made us think of shadows, of which the garden is full. Shadows on the new fence, on the bricks, all over the place. When the sun is shining, that is.

That thought got us out of our chair briefly. We wanted to take a photo of the steel door we'd just repainted but we really couldn't get a good angle on it. Which persuaded us to return to the chair we had been sitting in.

We found some amusing parallels in these images, one of which leads to another in the slide show.

The irony, we suppose, is that to enjoy what we saw when we looked up, you must look down. But let that be a lesson to you.

One you don't have to look up.

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