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3 June 2020

Yesterday was a warm day, getting into the 70s in our neighborhood by the time we got the mountain bike out to pedal up Twin Peaks. We took a camera but we didn't take a picture.

Curfew Again. Near the convent.

The steel doors of the grammar school we passed on the way up was open, blocked by a folding table with gift bags on it. For a few hours, one car after another had been driving up and stopping for a moment. Now we knew why. This must be graduation what graduation looks like this year.

City workers were digging up a street at the foot of the hill. None of them wearing masks, all of them within a foot of each other, except one guy working. So it goes. As it always has.

The road up Twin Peaks has been blocked to auto traffic to encourage local residents to get some safe exercise. Not many people were walking up but a big garbage truck was coming down as we went up. It had been cleaning out the cans at the overlook.

We did pass one woman in the bike lane with a stroller.

We clocked some laps at the top, passing a handful of skateboarders a few times and pausing at the overlook for a minute, far from anyone else. It was surprisingly hazy but you could see everything was still there.

One woman was, despite the haze, taking photographs with her dSLR. We admired her dedication.

But the longer we stayed up there, at the top of the world, the lonelier we felt. So we pedaled back down creating our own stiff breeze, the reward for the long haul up.

At dinner, we watched the street fill up with families taking a walk before the curfew at eight. All the Bay area counties are under curfew, most starting at 8, some at 8:30. All until 5.

This image was something of a disaster but we thought we'd play with it under curfew using Nik Collection 3's Silver Efex. We rather enjoyed playing with it and like how it finally turned out.

As if the pandemic and the curfew were things that happened a long time ago to someone else in some other country not called America.

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