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6 June 2020

In the last two days we've added over 40 terms to our glossary of photographic terms accessible at the top of the headline page's left column. That makes 190 definitions in the glossary.

The latest batch includes terms from color science, film photography and printing.

We're pleased that our simple data format is holding up well, letting our Perl script quickly find the definition to any term in the glossary.


At the same time, we added an option at the top of the popup list of terms to request a definition if you can't find a term in the glossary.

Your name and email are optional but if you include them, we'll let you know when the glossary has been updated with the term you requested.


Earlier today we mentioned we were were giving some thought to implementing a full text search of the glossary.

"The other bright idea we're kicking around is a full text search of the glossary," we wrote. "So you could hunt for "color" and instead of getting the first color term in the list, you'd see every entry that mentioned color in the text."

And before we knew it, we implemented it. It's at the top of the glossary popup menu just before the Requests option.

New Glossary Options. Over the weekend we added Full Text Search, a Categories list and a Request form for missing definitions.

We had the glossary popup at the bottom of the report but it's not really where we want to go from there. And it's only a click away on the headline page.

It turned out to be kind of fun to use. The sort of tool we wish we'd had in college, in fact. We might have graduated sooner.

Oh, and if your term isn't in the glossary, there's a link to the request form to add it.


Well, we couldn't help ourselves. On Sunday, we put together a list of the glossary entries organized into categories.

We kicked around the idea on Saturday, as we explained then:

"As the list expands, it might be useful to filter them by categories," we wrote. "Those categories might be terms related to Cameras, Digital Imaging, Film, Photography in General, Printing, Scanning and Miscellaneous. You'd still be able to search the unfiltered list, too."

We weren't sure how useful would be. But then we gave it a shot and rather liked it. So there you go.

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