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11 June 2020

Both Retrospect and iDrive have announced special promotions for their backup services. Retrospect is offering a free 90-day subscription while iDrive is offering 5-TB of cloud backup for $1 for the first year.


The Retrospect Backup Dads and Grads Promotion, detailed in the news release below, is a free 90-day subscription licenses to either Retrospect Backup product. The Desktop Edition protects six desktops and laptops while the Server Edition covers one server and 20 desktops and laptops.

The product supports back up to any of 20 cloud services.

After 30 days the Desktop Edition renews for $13 while the Server Edition renews for $59. Both renewals are monthly charges.

The company also offers a free 45-day trial.


IDrive is offering 5-TB of cloud backup for one dollar for the first year. After the first year, the service automatically renews for $69.50 per year.

You can backup multiple computers and mobile devices with snapshot-based restores and remote management.

For more information see the Web page.

StorCentric's Retrospect Dads & Grads Promotion Offers Free 90-Day Subscription License for Every Retrospect Backup Product

Trusted Data Protection Suite Ensures Homes and Businesses Around the World Can Recover from Accidents, Hardware Failure, Theft and Disaster -- with the Click of a Button

With high school and college graduations upon us and Father's Day just around the corner, Retrospect, a leader in data protection for businesses and a StorCentric company, today announced its Retrospect Backup Dads and Grads Promotion. For a limited time, Retrospect is offering a free 90-day subscription license for every Retrospect Backup product.

Retrospect's trusted data protection suite ensures homes and businesses around the world can recover quickly from accidents, hardware failure, theft and disaster. With its complete coverage of Windows, Mac, Linux computers and VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms, Retrospect provides holistic protection for any home or business, with cloud storage support for offsite locations on Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and many other services. With Retrospect, it is easy to restore all data -- from business critical files to family photos, with a click of a button.

Dads, Grads and anyone whose goal it is to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the ability to backup now and restore forever can visit to learn more and sign-up for a free 90-day subscription. Click on one of the buttons on the page or use the coupon code 'DADGRAD' on Retrospect's online store to receive a free 90-day subscription license. No credit card is required and you can cancel at any time and still restore your backups. You can also contact the Retrospect sales team by email at or by phone at (888) 376-1078, to request your free 90-day subscription license.

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