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19 June 2020

We've really enjoyed working on the glossary you can explore on our headline page. One thing we've learned is that glossaries are not just references. They are quite fabulous learning devices.

And they aren't bad teaching devices either, which is why we find this one so much fun.

Sometimes you have to be as precise as a micrometer. Other times it's wiser to sound like you cracked a tooth over an irreverent thought at the cracker barrel. Those little gems are sprinkled throughout our glossary.

Glossaries are quite fabulous learning devices.

Today's update, which is hardly worth mentioning, is just three terms but, once again, we were shocked we hadn't thought of them. Back Focus, Front Focus and Microfocus Adjustment. If you don't have a dSLR, you can skip them.

At the same time we revised the code that counts hits in the Full Text Search. We were just counting entries before but now we also count occurrences. Just because we can.

Offsite, we're developing a Keyboard Maestro macro called Glossarium (after the Latin for "glossary") that does a little more than our online tool. It lets you add entries and manage multiple glossaries.

To test it we compiled a music glossary and a skateboarding glossary from online sources. And we learned a good bit about both, too.

If you'd like a copy to test for yourself, just let us know with the Feedback button. You just need Keyboard Maestro to run it. And it handles our Photography glossary, of course.

With over 200 items in our Photography glossary now, there may be one or two terms you might find illuminating. And if not, well, just wait. We keep remembering things that aren't in there, so we're adding new terms all the time.

And we haven't made even one of them up. Yet.

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