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9 July 2020

Today, the recipients of the Women Photograph + Nikon Grants, five women and non-binary photographers, were awarded with grants of $5,000 to support their documentary projects in the field of photojournalism. In addition, a $10,000 Women Photograph + Getty Images Scholarship was also awarded.

Nearly 1,300 applications from women and non-binary photographers around the world were received for the initiative. The projects were judged by Gael Almeida, Sandy Ciric, Jess Dugan, Yagazie Emezi, Sara Ickow, Emily Jan, Olivier Laurent, Zahra Rasool, Haruka Sakaguchi, and Elias Williams.


The 2020 Women Photograph + Nikon Grant recipients include:

  • Gabriella Baez, Puerto Rico: A documentary photographer who focuses on intimate subjects, including the relationship between sexuality and depression.
  • Sahar Coston-Hardy, USA: A fine art and landscape photographer who uses art to investigate the social structure of race and cultural identity.
  • Sandra Mehl, France: A documentary photographer who shares stories highlighting the relationships between humans and their physical surroundings
  • Roopa Gogineni, Kenya + France: A photographer and filmmaker who works on projects that acknowledge the histories and conflicts in the Global South.
  • Peyton Fulford, USA: A photographer who uses narrative portraiture to showcase the complexities of a subject's life and their environment.


In addition to the four grant recipients, the Women Photograph + Getty Images Scholarship of $10,000 has been awarded to Tami Aftab.

For the past three years, co-spoonsor Nikon has worked with Women Photograph to elevate the voices of diverse storytellers across the globe, with the goal of creating a more inclusive and representative visual journalism community worldwide.

To learn more about the Women Photograph + Nikon Grants as well as the grant recipients and their winning projects, visit Women Photograph.

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