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16 July 2020

In a blog post today, the Pixelmator team announced the release of Pixelmator Pro 1.7 Sequoia, featuring text on a path, canvas rotation and a new welcome screen.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Type on a Path: The the Circular Type, Path Type, and the Freeform Type tools quickly and easily create text layers on paths.
  • Canvas Rotation: To rotate the canvas, use the standard rotate multi-touch gesture. On a tablet or with a mouse, you can also press and hold the Spacebar-R keyboard shortcut and drag your canvas to rotate it.
  • New Welcome Screen: The new welcome screen makes it easier for new users to open and create images.


  • Version 3 of the ML Super Resolution algorithm brings support for upscaling Raw files, a progress bar and even sharper results.
  • The performance of the Clone tool has been improved.
  • Converting a masked layer that has been transformed using the Transform tool into pixels would not work correctly. Fixed.
  • Transforming group layers containing layers that have been recently masked would not work correctly. Fixed.
  • On macOS 10.14 or later, memory usage would occasionally spike when working on large documents. Fixed.
  • Graphical artifacts would sometimes appear when resizing or moving layers in certain situations. Fixed.


The 199.6-MB download is available now on the App Store for $39.99.

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