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21 July 2020

Marco Paolini has announced the former suite of plug-ins known as DFT for Photos has been renamed Boris FX Optics after a major update that brings 160 plug-ins to Photoshop.

Paolini outlined the new features for Legacy DFT users:

  • Sapphire Filters: 75 curated Emmy award-winning Boris FX Sapphire filters let you create stunning organic looks unmatched by any host native filters. Used by the top visual effects artists around the world on critically acclaimed feature films and television shows. Includes Lens Flares, Glows, Light Leaks, Digital Damage, Lightning, Night Sky and many more top Sapphire VFX filters.
  • Halo Filter: In the Diffusion/Blurs category, a new Halo filter glows highlights, reduces contrast and softens facial imperfections while retaining image clarity.
  • Search: Search for a filter using the Search icon at the top left of the Filters window.
  • Viewer>Preview Resolution: The Preview Resolution defines the default working resolution. Choices are 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, Full. However, when the image is saved, Optics always processes at full size.

In an email to current owners of the suite, Paolini offered a 50 percent discount code for the $149 permanent license or the fist year of the subscription price of $99/year through Aug. 31.

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