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2 September 2020

In a blog post today, Lex van den Berghe revealed Adobe's fourth annual "Rising Stars of Photography," 10 up-and-coming ambitious photographers from all over the world.

Rising Stars. Drucker, Miller, Ng, Wu, Frimpong; Morócho, Kharin, Saunders, de Heij, Jackson.

"Focuses range from environmental photojournalism to representative portraiture to boundary-breaking conceptual work and these artists are fearless," he wrote. "This group of ambitious photographers is both fiercely curious and wildly passionate and it shines in all that they do."

This year's group includes:

  • Nana Oduro Frimpong (Ghana). Favoring human subjects above all else, Frimpong channels his emotions into each and every piece, with the help of Lightroom.
  • Andrew Morócho (Ecuador). A true perfectionist at heart, he looks to Lightroom for color toning and adjusting to experiment.
  • Curt Saunders (U.S.). He is a conscious and considerate creator, always thinking of what it might mean to photograph someone at that particular point in their life, that place and that time in the world.
  • Charmaine de Heij (Berlin/Amsterdam). Through her work, she aims to reveal the invisible in order to harbor understanding and create open dialogue.
  • Lia Clay Miller (U.S.). Through her work, Miller is actively trying to create a welcoming space that is beyond objectification, but a realm of fantasy that exists only for her and her subjects and the outside viewer gets to see just a brief moment of it.
  • Yulia Kharin (Ukraine). Initially a portrait photographer, Yulia Kharin has been photographing sweet, tasty treats since 2018. Her uniquely atmospheric compositions make for a compelling visual experience.
  • Lara Jackson (U.K.). A devoted conservation biologist, Jackson loves photographing all African species, though her all-time favorite subject is the rhino.
  • John Wu (U.S.). Street photographer John Wu first began his photography journey in college, using Lightroom every step of the way. When Wu takes an interest in something, he does not take it lightly.
  • Tate Drucker (East Africa). She lives for the challenge of awaiting the perfect shot to come together when photographing an animal in its natural environment (the right light, the right moment, the right second of serendipity to separate it from all the other photos that have been taken of that animal before).
  • Erin Ng (U.S.). Ng's subject bias skews toward food for several different reasons. Not only is food delicious and fun to shoot, but to Ng, it is a gateway to new encounters, diverse stories and is an invitation to learning about different cultures, histories, geographies and technologies.

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