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24 September 2020

In a blog post today, Adobe's Sarah Casillas summed up the company's bi-annual study of the stock industry. The post shares insights from global stock users and marketers to identify the design and creative trends and challenges facing stock users today, as well as how creatives expect to rely on stock content more in the future.

Casillas reports creative respondents found Covid-19 and the social justice movement contributing to a challenging environment marked by uncertainty.

  • 88 percent believe the events of 2020 have made it challenging to plan for campaigns
  • 87 percent agree that change is the only thing that stays the same in the creative industry
  • 79 percent agree that has disrupted creative industries as they knew them

Creators also said they are feeling pressured to do more with less. Most have no expectations that things will return to normal through the remainder of 2020.

  • 81 percent are being asked to develop more content in less time
  • 84 percent believe that their team's creative workflow could be more efficient

Further findings of the study include:

  • 76 percent agree that it is harder to navigate rapidly evolving trends in visual culture and topics today than it was six months ago
  • 86 percent are struggling more than ever before to stay relevant to customers
  • 76 percent say they are feeling more pressure working with clients who are risk adverse
  • 74 percent say finding stock content that resonates with the audiences of today is a challenge and 89 percent want diverse and inclusive stock collections

Creatives are adapting to the changing scene, the report notes:

  • 41 percent have changed how they create to be prepared to quickly pivot or completely change creative direction
  • 89 percent agree that 2020 has made their team think more creatively than ever before
  • 82 percent of creatives agree that 2020 has forever changed how they create

"The responsibility of our collection is to provide more diversity and inclusive stock collections, an alternative to custom productions, access to emerging aesthetic trends, and culturally relevant regional content from around the world -- all created with a contemporary, authentic approach that reflects life today for your brand and campaign needs," Casillas notes.

"At Adobe, we are committed to providing quality content that, rises to the moment, and meets your creative needs."

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